BEIC Background

The BEIC was set up in 1986 to represent the UK egg industry. Its members are the 11 major organisations concerned with the egg industry. It is funded by subscriptions from egg packers and producers who produce more than 85% of the UK's eggs. BEIC subscribers market Lion Quality eggs.

Member organisations of the BEIC

- British Egg Association (BEA)

- British Egg Products Association (BEPA)

- British Free Range Egg Producers' Association (BFREPA)

- National Egg Marketing Association Limited (NEMAL)

- National Farmers Union of England and Wales (NFU)

- NFU Scotland (NFUS)

- Northern Ireland Poultry Breeders and Hatcheries Association (NIPBHA)

- Pullet Hatcheries Association (PHA)

- Pullet Rearers Association (PRA)

- Scottish Egg Producer Retailers' Association (SEPRA)

- Ulster Farmers Union (UFU)

- The British Egg Information Service (BEIS) was set up by the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC) to provide information and answer questions about eggs. The BEIS distributes leaflets and recipe books, nutrition and food safety information, recipes and specific materials for the general public, teachers, caterers, health professionals and students.

Other organisations

British Egg Marketing Board: Research and Education Trust

European Egg Packers and Traders Association

European Union of Wholesale with Eggs, Egg Products

International Egg Commission

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Last Updated: 31 January 2014


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